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Health Insurance in Ibiza

Planning to relocate to Ibiza? You will be relieved to know that all residents in Spain have access to the free public healthcare system, although private insurance may be necessary in some situations, as it offers quicker medical treatment in private facilities.

If you are living and working on the island, you will generally pay income tax and social security that goes towards providing you with free state healthcare in Ibiza. All employees and self-employed workers are required to make social security contributions, which in turn entitle them to get health cover. If you are planning to move to Ibiza with your family, be assured that also your spouse and children will be entitled to healthcare. If you are planning to move to Ibiza once retired, prior to moving, make sure to request  a certificate from your country of residence which will entitle you to free healthcare.

Registering for health insurance in Ibiza is very easy. You need 3 documents, your NIE card, the empadronamiento (certificate of registration), which can be obtained at your town hall and your social security number, which will be issued by your employer. If you are self-employed, you are responsible for paying your own social security contributions, and if you need any help you can ask any Gestoria to advise you. Once you have been formally enrolled with the social security system in Spain, you will receive a document entitling you to medical assistance.


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