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Buying a Holiday Home in Ibiza

A holiday home in Ibiza can be a life-changing investment, opening up the possibility of regular holidays, growing familiarity with the island and the locals, repeatable knowledge of the best way to get there, and no more time-consuming planning and discussion about ‘where to go on holiday this year?’.

But should you choose a house or an apartment when investing in a holiday home in Ibiza? Like holidays themselves, the choice clearly depends a lot on personal preferences, but here are a few useful tips to consider when thinking about which property best meets your needs.

First, you need to think honestly about what you’re looking for. When conjuring up a vision of the perfect Ibiza holiday home, you might see a restored Ibizan farmhouse with a pool and gardens, rolling countryside leading to beautiful pine forest hills and total privacy and seclusion. Or perhaps you are looking for a buzzing holiday, in which case an apartment in Ibiza town with easy access to the Marina and a balcony on which to relax and take in the view might be just the right one for you. Beach lovers may prefer a first line property with sea views, is this your idea of a perfect holiday home?

Also, if you have young children then you might be looking to meet other families and coordinate regular visits to build that relationship over many years. Or if you’re retiring, then peace and quiet might be the key requirement, with a bit of space for the occasional visit from grown-up kids and their families.

Buying a second home is an investment, and this will require research into tax and property laws and probably the engagement of professionals to help your purchase sail through without problems. Rental values will also follow the market, and rules and regulations may also affect any plans you have to bring in rental income when you’re not using your second home. It’s a good idea to take advice on local policies regarding short and long-term rentals and holiday lets not only in terms of permits and tax implications, but also the appeal of different properties in terms of rental values.

Finally, it’s important to choose a second home you will be happy to visit again and again, check out Ibiza holiday rental spots to find the right location for you and enjoy the many benefits for many years to come!