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Getting a NIE number to buy a property in Ibiza

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Planning to buy a home in Ibiza? It’s a legal requirement if you want to buy a property in Ibiza (and Spain in general) to have a NIE number.

What is a NIE Number?
Acting as a state identification and a tax code. To make things a bit more clear, let’s say that the NIE number corresponds to the American Social Security Number or the British National Insurance Number.

Where can you get a NIE Number?
The NIE number can be acquired once your are in Ibiza by visiting the police station with your passport and by completing the necessary form. If you feel more comfortable to do things while your are in your own country, there is always the option to apply for a Spanish NIE number in the Spanish consulate or embassy in your own country. In this case the consulate only acts as a courier effectively as they forward your application to the police in Spain who then return it to the consulate for you to pick up.

What do you need?
This is something you need to first ask about at the relevant office where you will apply for your NIE number but you will generally need:
NIE application form
Original passport (current and not expired) and one photocopy
Two small photos
Government fee (€10.71 in 2018), which you should pay at the bank using a 790 NIE form.
The process for Non EU Residents differs slightly. You will need different paperwork and it is advisable to apply within the first few weeks of arrival.

Now that you know how to get your NIE number, discover the next steps involved to buy a house in Ibiza.