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Moving to Ibiza with your kids. Find the right school

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Considering moving to Ibiza with your children? We know how much effort goes into relocating to another country, especially when you have kids! Preparation starts long before the plane takes off and research to find a suitable school is a priority.

If your move to the White Isle is not permanent, you may prefer international schools with a curriculum similar to the one back home. In Ibiza, you have Morna International College, which follows UK National Curriculum up to A levels from nursery and reception years. The classes are taught in English and Spanish is mandatory throughout the years. Then there is The College Francais, it’s a French private school where students can stay up to the age of 16.

Public state schools are great options if your kids already speak Spanish or you have younger children. In public school, classes are taught in a mix of Spanish and Catalan, with Catalan being the main language. Application usually starts in May and children are allocated to schools based on the area where they live. If you would like your children to join a public school outside your area (maybe because it’s closer to your work), then you have to hope that the school has some places left after they assign the spots to children who live nearer to the school. In this case, a points system is used which takes into consideration other factors such as: where the parents work or if the child has an older sibling already attending the school.

If your kids speak Spanish and you are considering a private school than Colegio Mestral is the right fit. This school is located in Ibiza town and classes are taught in Spanish, Catalan is a compulsory subject only for Spanish citizens. The students can stay up to the age of 18.

Think carefully before making your decision, consider the school location and how long you are planning to stay on the island. Also consider that the best schools often have the biggest waiting lists – don’t assume that all will be available, so give yourself the best chance by acting early!