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Types of homes for sale in ibiza

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There are so many homes for sale in Ibiza, from modern villas, luxury apartments to traditional countryside homes. How do you pick the right one for you? 

We know that scouting the right kind of property, among all these beautiful homes for sale in Ibiza, can be quite tricky and time-consuming! So today we look at the pros & cons associated with the 3 most common type of properties available on the Ibiza real estate market:

Traditional Finca
If you love rural life, then a traditional Ibiza farmhouse is the right property for you! Seclusion, privacy and a home full of character, are the main benefits of these types of properties, as well as beautiful views and plenty of outdoor spaces! But what are the disadvantages of these types of homes for sale in Ibiza? If you need to undertake any renovation project – event a small one – you might find some restriction regarding planning permission, due to the cultural heritage of this traditional Finca. Also, bear in mind the high maintenance costs to keep your home in good shape.

Modern Villa
The main advantage of this kind of property is that, unlike a renovation project, a newly built villa usually has no extra unexpected costs and you can move in the same day you get the keys. Prices for these homes for sale in Ibiza can depend on the location and size. Usually, these kind of properties are beautifully designed, taking into consideration modern home living and are built to a very high standard. As villas are normally larger in size – a disadvantage, much like for traditional farmhouses, is the ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs associated with the everyday life of this type of property.

If you are looking for homes for sale in Ibiza without breaking your wallet, then probably apartments are what you are looking for! Overall the price for an apartment is more accessible than country houses and modern villas, but still well above the average price in the Spanish property market. The disadvantage of living in an apartment is the noise of the neighbours, which can increase significantly during summer with rental to holidaymakers and the limitation in undertaking renovation projects.

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