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5 Ways to Design a More Efficient Home

If you’re interested in building a more sustainable, eco-friendly home in Ibiza, you probably already know most of the basics: installing solar panels, opting for water-saving fixtures in the bathroom, use eco-friendly materials. These are all very good options but if you want to go one step further, consider the very design of your home, this could help you shrink the impact on the environment even more. Some of the smartest ways to increase sustainability might actually be the sum of a few small changes to your home’s design, let’s have a look at them:


It’s no secret that a smaller home is typically more energy efficient than a larger one. But it might not be just the size of the home, but how you use the space. Considering how much space you need and how it can be organised for energy savings, will help you decrease easily your home’s energy expenditure.


Passive design means to create a home that can basically take care of itself. When your home is designed so that it takes in the most sunlight during the winter, you can spend less on heating. The same home can offer shades to draw against the hot summer sun, or windows that are situated for a cool breeze. Thinking about all these small aspects, will help you create a more sustainable home in the long run.


When talking about landscaping for sustainability, you’re usually referring to plants and grass that naturally do well in your home’s climate. So when you build your new home in Ibiza, think about the type of plants that do not requires much water, as in Ibiza there isn’t much rain. Another idea could be to make sure you plant trees where they’ll block sun in the summer, yet allow the sun to keep your home warmer in the winter.


Building a home isn’t always the most eco-friendly way to create a place to live. Even if you’re designing for sustainable space, having new materials manufactured and delivered to the island requires a lot of energy. Thinking about how you can locally source materials, and when this is not possible making sure to choose materials that are recycled or reclaimed from other projects, will reduce your environmental impact while giving every inch of your home more character.


Making your property in Ibiza a smart home can seem like an unnecessary expense, but that’s not true if you aim to build a more efficient home. Home automation puts some of your home’s energy-wasting processes on autopilot and this leads to a more efficient home that adjusts itself when necessary. It can create a space that is super efficient, saving the environment while also help you save money on your energy bills.

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