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5 signs you’ve found your dream home in Ibiza.

Photo: Shutterstock.com

You’ve finally made it to Ibiza to find your dream home and after browsing through our portfolio of properties, you’ve picked some of them to visit.
Right now you’re probably wondering how you will know that you have found the right house? Our advice is, on the day of the visit, look out for these signs.

1. You can’t wait to enter
As soon as you are approaching the entrance of the house, you can’t wait to enter. You like the outside and wish that the inside will be as beautiful as the outside (fingers crossed!).

2. You feel welcome from the moment you enter
Within a few seconds of stepping inside the house, you will know whether it feels homely. Does it look inviting? Do you want to see more rooms? Does it feel, right? Well, then it probably is!

3. You start to picture your life there
if you walk around the house and you start picturing where you will put all your furniture and how you will decorate the walls, then let us tell you, you are already hooked!

4. The house meets your needs
If you feel as if the house ticks most of your requirements then don’t hesitate. Our advice is before picking a home make sure you have a clear vision of your priorities – are location and space more important than a sea view? Then don’t waste time looking at a 1 bedroom house with beautiful sea view but pick a nice 3 bedroom home maybe in the quiet countryside. Being specific on your requirements will help us scout the right house from the first moment!

5. You are obsessed with the house
You simply can’t stop thinking or talking about it! You know the home is perfect for you when you feel the excitement and can’t stop showing the pictures of the house to all your friends & family.

Are you ready to find your dream home in Ibiza? Browse our property listing to find the right one for you!