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3 steps to successfully sell your Ibiza property

To sell your Ibiza property successfully, it requires you to put in a lot of time and effort. Before placing your property on the Ibiza real estate market, we can help you set up a property valuation, to get a clear idea of the value of your property on the market. Once you get a clear idea of the market rate of your property, let’s have a look at the 3 steps you should follow in order to successfully sell your Ibiza property.

Prepare your property for Sale

The first step you need to do is to clean up your house. Clean up your property to make it look more spacious. This is extremely important as nobody wants to view a shabby house. While you are fixing your house, you should identify the different areas that need to be fixed. Cutting the grass in your garden and fixing broken features are necessary works that need to be done before marketing.

Take professional pictures

After you have done the necessary fixing and cleaning work, you can now move on to the second step, take professional photos of the different areas of your property. Remember that the first impression is very important to attract potential buyers to contact you! When needed on the day of the photo-shooting, we can arrange a home staging. In case you are not aware, home staging is the art of presenting your home in such a way as to give potential buyers a warm, inviting feeling.

Time to sell

Next, we will help you determine the selling price of your home. As we will already have undertaken a property valuation, we will be able to come out with a good price for your property in Ibiza. After we have come out with a good price, we will put the property on the market and successfully sell it.